All Natural Mosquito Protection

I’ve shown you guys before that I’m horrifically allergic to mosquito bites. They turn gross and puffy really quickly so this time of year is particularly hard for me.  Especially since we just moved out into a heavily wooded area.mosquito bite

I found these mosquito repellent patches on Amazon and the company was kind enough to send me a pack to see if they could deal with my issue.  They’re deet-free and all natural, so I know they’re something my mother and kids could happily use.  Why not?

You peel two patches off and stick them on your clothing or skin.  I did the back of my left shoulder and the front of my right leg to give even protection.  They’re non-permeable so the essential oils that make them work don’t touch the skin.  You just scratch the surface of them a bit to release the oil from the capsules and they go to work.  They’re surprisingly effective.  I wasn’t bitten at all during a campfire and hanging out on the front porch for several hours.  And mosquitoes love me; like no-matter-who-else-is-there-they-bite-me love me.  mosquito repellent patches

I had no issue getting the patches to stay put on my shirts or skin, but did have the patch fall off of a softer pair of jeans.  Most denim seems to work okay unless it’s fairly worn.  The smell wasn’t unpleasant so I wasn’t bothered by having one so close to my face.

For me personally, these aren’t going to become a replacement for my sprays.  It’s a risk versus reward situation and I’m okay with using chemical protection on myself.  When I was pregnant, this would have been amazing.  I am however using the rest of the pack on my kids since one of them has very sensitive skin and I’m a little more careful about what I put on them.

I would say that even though this isn’t going to become a staple in my hiking bag, these mosquito patches are a great option for anyone who wants more natural protection from the outdoor nasties for themselves or their children.


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