Instagram-Worthy Recipes You Can Make At Home

I always said I wouldn’t be that woman who took a photo of every good-looking meal she ate… I lied.  Pretty frequently now I find myself proud of what we did for dinner and throwing it on Instagram for my fellow foodies to see.  I don’t typically share the recipes to everything though, so it’s hard to recreate what I’ve done.  Kraft has a new list of Instagram-worthy recipes you can try at home and they look so tasty.  (And they’re easy enough that every skill level of cooking should be able to make them, and make them pretty.)

kraft recipes for instagram

Green Vegan Smoothie: This amazing vegan recipe will totally up your smoothie game. It’s just as tasty as the ones from a smoothie shop—but less expensive! It’s an avocado-powered, super-creamy treat—with or without chia seeds.

Low-Fat Orange Dream Cheesecake: Hello, sunshine! This creamy, orange-y cheesecake is my new favorite way to fight the winter blues. The fact that it’s low-fat and no-bake are extra reasons to smile.

Chicken Tortilla-Lime Soup: A steaming bowl of soup is my idea of the perfect comfort food—and the fresh burst of flavor from lime and cilantro make this one extra slurpable. Top it off with tortilla strips and shredded cheddar cheese for a simple midwinter crowd-pleaser.

Glazed Chocolate-Sour Cream Cake: Turn a box mix into this sweet, rich and GORGEOUS cake. The secret here is replacing water with sour cream to make the cake extra moist and tender. And those berries on top make it extra glamorous.

Crunchy Sweet Potato Fries: Take your fry game to the next level by serving these sweet potato fries with garlicky mayo. They’re my go-to appetizer whether it’s game day or movie night.

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