Color-Changing Glitter Polish For Christmas

It’s no surprise that I’m a nail polish addict and this time of brings in all of the stark whites, pale blues, and glitter polish.  Last year I picked up my first Del Sol polish after seeing them on a lot of beauty blogs.  I’ve seen trends with the heat-induced color changing polishes, but these are color-changing polishes that change when they’re exposed to the sun.  del sol polish

Del Sol sent me a bottle of their new Present-able to test out and I wore it a few times to get a feel for it.  The polish is a thin jelly-style one filled with both small round silver glitter and medium star-shaped silver glitter.  For full coverage you need 3-4 coats, but I decided I liked 2 coats of a base instead.  It was okay over white, intense over black, and my favorite was when I put it over Julep’s Austen.  It ended up being great over a dark blue both while it was blue and green.

delsol photo

It’s a great addition to a collection because of its unique color changing abilities and they have a whole line of them ready for Christmas.  Check them out on the Del Sol website along with their other collections.


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