Oubliette- A Forgotten Little Place | Paranormal Thriller Out Now!

I’m a real big fan of documentaries about old castles and forgotten cities in Europe, so I recognized Leap Castle immediately when I heard about Vanta M. Black’s new book Oubliette—A Forgotten Little Place.  An oubliette was a horrible form of torture, where you were lowered into a narrow chamber and left in solitary confinement, sometimes not even able to sit or crouch because of the size of the shaft.

Black explains,

“They emptied out the oubliette at Leap Castle in Ireland in the 1920s and discovered remains from over 150 people. That single bite of knowledge consumed me when I first heard it! I pondered the horrific circumstances that led to each soul’s fall into that pit. Who were they? What thoughts consumed them while freedom taunted from above? Did they deserve to be there, or did the elemental creature rumored to haunt Leap Castle manipulate their fate?”

Black used the history of Leap Castle along with other events of the era to create Oubliette, a paranormal thriller that’s just come out.  You can check out more about the book and the author at www.VantaMBlack.com.


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