Testing Out Haircuts and Colors Without Actually Cutting Anything

I’ve always been a huge fan of cosplay and lolita culture.  For those unfamiliar, cosplay is dressing up as a favorite character from a show, game, or comic.  Usually it’s done for conventions around that topic.  Lolita encompasses many variations on a fashion style incorporating Victorian elements and can go anywhere from dark, to traditional doll-like fashion, to over the top sweet.  I’m a tad obsessed.

Photo courtesy of ActuaLitté.


They both have drastic hairstyle changes to match the character or the look.  I keep telling my husband I’m going to dye my hair blonde again or do something drastic with the cut and he’s been supportive, but my family is begging me not to.  SO, I’ve been looking at wearing wigs again.

Yes, even with hair as long as mine you can totally wear a wig still.  With a lot of bobby pins and some strategically-wrapped braids I can get my super thick hair under short wigs.  Omgnb.com (who is now one of our sponsors over in the sidebar area, check them out!) carries everything from normal looking wigs to crazy long purple ones.  Some are cheaper synthetic wigs that I’d use for occasional events but they have these gorgeous ombre hair wigs that I want so bad.  I’d love to be able to change up my hair color without having to spend months getting my almost black hair to go blonde, fighting the brass, and having to do my roots every few weeks.  Even the more expensive wigs would pay for themselves if you think about all the salon trips for just a year of being blonde with hair as dark and thick as mine.

What do you think?  Would you ever try a wig to change up your look?

Model in header photo is Meishu.  Photo courtesy of mrvacbob.


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