Squeezing In The Last Bit Of Healthy Grilling I Can!

My husband and I got our first grill this year and I’ll tell you that there’s nothing quite like hearing, “Oh, don’t worry.  I want to grill dinner tonight.”  He’s been cooking on the weekends and I couldn’t be happier.  Less work for me and I get really good cheeseburgers every Saturday.  I’m still pretty new to what equipment he needs for it, but we’ve gotten a few basics.

We got a spatula and tongs from my parents as a present when they bought us a grill and Sharp Gear was nice enough to send me a grill pan.  I didn’t even know these were a thing!

It’s exactly what it sounds like.  You can put it on the side on a larger grill or use it by itself once the main dish is done.  I’ve used this thing all Summer long.  I’m still really scared of putting my shrimp on skewers, even if they’re wet and everyone swears it’s safe, so I’ve been doing shrimp in the pan.  I’ve also used it for grilling veggies as a side dish for me.  I don’t really eat chips much anymore so this is my side dish of choice when we’re grilling.  Again, no skewers for me.  I can drop them in the pan for a bit instead.

grilled shrimp

It’s easy to clean and the non-stick coating still hasn’t failed at all after a few months of use.  The handle folds up making it easy to store in the kitchen or take with us when we visit his parents.  I can’t wait to take it on a camping and fishing trip next Summer!


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