I’ve Always Been A Late Adopter With Social Media

A decade ago I was a teenage girl in high school and teens getting cell phones was still a newer thing.  By my senior year it was abnormal to not have one, Myspace was starting to be a thing, and everyone texted instead of called.  I didn’t have a phone.  The girls around me were all texting while I was still using a house phone or messenger programs on my desktop.  This was all the way back when you had to press the number 4 times to get a letter, so I wasn’t interested.


We always seem to want to get our message to others better, faster, and differently.  We’d already come a long way from smoke signals to texting.  Just think about it.  We strive to find an easy way to get as big of a message as we can across great distances as quickly as possible.  Lately, we even want to get it to lots of people at once.

Now plain texting is rarely done and has been left by the wayside for text and photo apps.  I was one of the last kids I knew to get a cell phone (at age 18, a nice pink Razer), someone who held out against switching to Facebook, and someone who only started on Twitter because of my job needing me to.  I love Twitter and Instagram now, but even those seem to be getting too old for the next generation.

I’ve been asked about a hundred times if I have Kik or Snapchat, usually by people a few years or more younger than me.  It feels like Facebook all over again.  I don’t wanna.  We’ve gone way into sharing with lots of people at once (Hello blogging!) and some of these new apps are going back into private sharing or sharing conversations with a small group.  I have no interest what so ever in Kik.  None.  Snapchat, I’m holding out against.  I feel like I might be too old for it even though I know many other bloggers who are there to connect with their audience.

What do you think?  Are you the first to jump on social media trends or do you wait a while to see if it’s a fad?

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