I’m Preemptively Using Anti-Aging Masks. Or So I’m Telling Myself.

I have used some mud-mask style products over the last couple years.  Mostly they’ve been clay-based ones for my acne (because adult acne is horrible), but I’ve started to branch out and try other ones.  As my darling husband keeps reminding me, 30 is rapidly approaching.  Anti-aging masks might be helpful before it comes, right?

farmacy hydrating coconut gel mask

I know, 30 is nothing.  It’s the mental effects of that magical number.  Farmacy sent me one of their anti-aging masks to test out, so I tried it… and recorded it.


Edited to add: A reader commented on the video to tell me that there were two different pieces that I was supposed to remove?  It said to remove the blue backing from the mask so I assumed that the blue-tinted sheet I removed was the backing and what I stuck on my face was the mask?  I’m still a little confused to be honest, but the results are the same.  

My skin felt really soft and full afterward, but there’s no real way to know if it will have any long-term affects from just one mask.  It’s dry outside, my skin is suffering, and the feeling from the mask was a good contrast to that.  I do appreciate though that they’re made of naturally derived ingredients and cruelty-free, which is something the company prides themselves on.  If you want to try out the Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Coconut Gel Mask or one of their other masks, they’re available at Sephora or at farmacybeauty.com.


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