Getting Colorful Home Decor Inspiration

I’m still looking at updating our living room this Winter or next Spring with some color (it’s all shades of brown right now), so I’ve been looking around for inspiration.  I love how this came out!  The artwork and pillows do so much for the living room.  Method has released the final design of their dream home with a kitchen designed by ChefSteps, a living room designed by Emily Henderson and a bedroom designed by Teni Panosian. See the video clip below, and visit Method’s site to see the big reveal of all the rooms in the final dream home!  (P.S. If you scroll all the way down on their site, at the end of the videos there’s a little box for your email.  Fill it in to be entered to win $500 and a bunch of Method’s products!)


This post brought to you by Method.


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