Affordable Harley Quinn Costume – Halloween Time!

I’ve always told you guys that I love Halloween.  Call it cheesy, but it’s always been my favorite time of the year with all the creepy decor and everyone showing their playful side.  We should all be this fun the rest of the year.  I’ve been wearing a lot of clothes from AMI Clubwear lately (both purchased myself and gifts) and they asked if I wanted to try any of their Halloween costumes.  Umm, yes please?

They have an entire section dedicated to Harley Quinn on top of tons of costumes for other characters in my favorite geeky pursuits.  Harley Quinn costumes always come in a range from oldschool Harley (red jumpsuit), Arkham Harley (leather or nurse-inspired), all the way to the newest design from the Suicide Squad movie.  I found a perfect costume for myself: inspired heavily by oldschool Harley but in a dress form that I would wear even when it’s not Halloween.  I would wear this all year long.

Harley quinn dress flared harley quinn dress for halloween harley quinn dress from behind harley quinn dress side view

My husband took the photos for me:
“Don’t you think it’s cute Mr. J?”

harley quinn dress face

Right now you can pick up this Harley Quinn Costume for only $22.50 from AMI Clubwear.  It includes the lace-trimmed Harley Quinn dress with a built in red petticoat underneath, gloves (the red on the gloves is a tad different than the dress, but still pretty), soft jester collar, and headpiece inspired by her original outfit’s hood.

Have A Happy Halloween Puddin’!

harley quinn dress close up


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