How Safe Are Kids Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fun way for children to express their individuality and also to show their support and appreciation for a favorite sports team, school, superhero or another character. But just how safe are temporary tattoos when placed on the oftentimes delicate skin of children?

As a concerned parent you likely spend a fair bit of time researching new products that you bring home for your children. But it can often prove challenging to have the time to research something like a temporary tattoo when your child pulls it out of a gift bag and immediately adheres it to his or her skin.

The good news is that there is a lot of information about the safety of temporary tattoos so that you can put your mind at ease.

Federally regulated materials and pigments

Companies that produce custom temporary tattoos should follow the directions mandated by the FDA. While temporary tattoos themselves are not approved by the FDA, the ingredients used in them are. These ingredients are required to be suitable for direct dermal contact, and should be materials and pigments that are approved for use in cosmetics and other beauty products.

This means that temporary ink offered by reputable companies will be non-toxic, and will also be non-allergenic. The color dyes and other pigments within the temporary decals have been tested and determined to be safe.

Knowing your source

With the knowledge that temporary tattoos produced in the USA are required to use materials and pigments that are safe for direct dermal contact, you’ll be able to get the right temporary ink. While you may not have much say in the matter if your child receives a temporary tattoo at a fair or from an otherwise unknown source, you can be assured by the quality of the products if the vendor is more than willing to disclose a list of materials used to create the decal.

If you are purchasing temporary tattoos online be sure that you are able to find out information about the materials that are used in the production of the tattoos that you are buying.

Keeping your kids safe, with temporary tattoos

There are some things that you can do to prepare your child’s skin, prior to the application of a temporary tattoo, in order to ensure that his or her skin is protected with the application of the decal.

Start by ensuring that the area of skin is clean and dry. Keep it free from any lotions or other gels that might cause an inadvertent interaction with the temporary tattoo inks.

If your child complains of itching or you start to notice redness at the application spot, it’s important to remove the temporary decal as soon as possible. Avoid using rubbing alcohol and acetone-based products, as they might burn your child’s sensitive skin. Cold cream or baby oil will work well.


It is important to note that while there is the potential for some poorly made products, the great majority of temporary tattoos are going to follow the FDA guidelines and are going to be completely safe for your kids to wear. Let them show off their favorite superhero or feline friend, without worry.

<size=”1″>Note: Information in this article has been provided through our guest author and is in no way medical advice.


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