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This morning I decided to create a DIY Minecraft candy bowl to put out front for Halloween this year.  This is a really easy (and cheap) DIY that takes about a half hour to put together.  I kept two similar sized shoe boxes from my last shoe haul to make a cube, but you can use whichever ones you have around.

diy minecraft candy bowl materials

You Will Need:

  • Shoe Boxes
  • Construction Paper
  • Double-sided Tape or Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Lots of Candy

I went to Walmart last weekend to film a vlog and while I was there I picked up several big variety bags of Hershey’s candy.  I’m doing a mix of 4 different bags for this one which will give me some leftovers for refilling the bowl as I need during trick-or-treat.  They had them hanging out with the regular candy (not in the Halloween section) and also in a little display in the middle of the aisle.

hershey candy at walmart

I know there are some picky kids in the neighborhood, so I hope there’s something for everyone in here.  My own kids have been tearing through it when they think I’m not looking.

diy minecraft candy bowl shoe boxes

Remove the shoe box lids and put your shoe boxes bottom-to-bottom and use the double sided tape to attach them.  This will give you an upper “tray” for the candy and a sturdy base.

diy minecraft candy bowl paper base

Using the tape, attach brown construction paper to each side and fold over the edges to cover the corners.  Line this up at the bottom and don’t mind any box that’s showing through at the top.

diy minecraft candy bowl covered

Cut a green piece of construction paper into 4 strips lengthwise and cut out a few “pixel” shaped openings along the bottom to make it look like the grass top on a Minecraft grass block.  Attach these along the top of the box, overlapping the brown so it shows through.

diy minecraft candy bowl pixels

Using markers, shade in pixels on the paper.  Do as many or as little of these as you want.  To make it similar to the Minecraft block, I used three different shades of brown for the dirt and three different shades of green for the grass strips.  Keep in mind that these squares may lighten a little as you let them dry.

diy minecraft candy bowl enderman

Fill your new Minecraft candy bowl with candy (and chocolates!) and set it out for all of the neighborhood monsters to enjoy this year.  Just make sure to watch for candy snatching Endermen.


See the creation of this DIY Minecraft Candy Bowl in the video below!

I used a lot of them, so be sure to check out more Hershey’s Halloween Candy at Walmart. I’d love to hear your favorite!

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