15 Halloween Sweet Treats


Halloween is coming and this year I am making snacks for both kids’ classrooms now that my baby’s in school too.  The internet is a great source of recipes and tutorials for making professional-looking treats without driving yourself crazy or spending your entire day in the kitchen.  I have fifteen of them here for you to try for your own parties (or just as something fun to do to celebrate the season).15 halloween sweet treets

1. Easy Decorated Halloween Spiderweb Cookies | Source: Thrifty Jinxy

2. Halloween RIP Tombstone Cupcakes | Source: Moments with Mandi

3. Halloween Candy Bark | Source: Feeding Big

4. Bubbling Cauldron Treats | Source: Glorious Treats

5. Dirt and Worms Cups | Source: 100 Directions

6. Spider Cupcakes | Source: 365 Days of Crafts

7. Halloween Oreo Cookie Pops | Source: Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

8. Monster Brownies | Source: Amanda’s Cookin’

9.Marshmallow Monster Treat Pops | Source: 100 Directions

10. Scary Eyes Halloween Cake | Source: Organized 31

11. Frankenstein Cupcakes | Source: Moments with Mandi

12. Kitty Litter Cake | Source: Amanda’s Cookin’

13. Sugared Marshmallow Pumpkins | Source: Thrifty Jinxy

14. Creepy, Crawly, Delicious Spider Cake Pops | Source: Home Life Abroad

15. OREO Cookie Eyeballs Halloween Treat | Source: 100 Directions


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