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It is school time, and we might find our homes a little quieter and a bit more peaceful once the little ones are packed up and shipped out the day. With this new found peace, there is no better time to start preparing the obligatory family collage to go in the Christmas cards due in a few months. Now, I have a sever dislike for the cheesy and gaudy borders and collage settings at the photo printing stations found in most retail stores, and finding quality templates for Photoshop are somewhat hit and miss and is usually very time consuming. So I started looking for a way to edit my pictures together to form a collage seamlessly and quickly without downloading a suspicious program I had never heard of. Enter Fotor.com, a free online photo editing solution that allows you to edit photos and create collages with no download required.


Fotor currently is offering its premium membership, which offers more customization options, for free currently just for registering for the program. No word when this  offer will expire, but it was much appreciated. I logged into the website easily using my facebook login, and I could even pull photographs to edit from my Facebook directly or directly from my Dropbox. For the purposes of this experiment, I choose to pull some of my cell phone photos to my desktop and uploading them to the fotor site.  I quickly grew accustomed to the layout and editing tools. None were overly complex and mostly were focused on slider editing and changing gamma or color values. All in all, I had pretty decent results of taking a poor quality photo and making it better:



IMG_20141209_221216703 (1)

Once I had grown used to the editing process, I tried my hand at touching up a few of my photos with the editing interface and came up with a pretty nifty collage which you have already seen as the image before you clicked on the article. To create this, I first choose the template of the collage I wanted to make. I choose a basic four image collage, but I could choose up to 8 or more photos to include in a template. Again, I’m trying to create a Christmas card insert, so I choose four images as I did not want to make the finished product print out too small. Then after selecting a layout and photos, I was bombarded by over 80 or so border options and styles. I’m boring and a guy, so I went with a classic white border because I found the border options to be a tad to feminine for my liking. I then adjusted border width and rounded off the corners of my four chosen photographs. Once that was done, I was able to share the result through a variety of social media platforms, upload it directly to my Dropbox, or download a .png or .jpg file directly to my computer. I also had the option to have them print the collage and send it to me, but I opted to find my own printing service which is my preferred method as a couponing addict.

All in all, I am pleased with the results I was able to come up with in 20 minutes of photo editing. And, that is going to make one good Christmas card insert and maybe I’ll earn some brownie points with my wife. I enjoyed my time, so I recommend you also check out fotor.com for your  free online photo editing needs.

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