Finally Getting High Quality Sheets (Go On, You Deserve It)

Up until a few months ago, my husband and I were still using his old mattress from when we met.  It was about 10 years old and on top of it, we had a bedding set that was just as old.  I went out to buy new sheets in April and my $70 got me a set of scratchy-no-matter-how-you-wash-them beige sheets.  Not fun.  It’s incredibly difficult to sleep on an old mattress with uncomfortable sheets and I’m a bear if I don’t get my sleep.

new bedding

We finally bit the bullet and decided to pick up a new mattress; and if I was going to spend a grand on a fancy (read as: we’re getting old) mattress, there was absolutely no reason to keep tattered old sheets on it.  Perfect Linens reached out and asked if I was willing to give their Second Skin Sheets a try and I convinced my husband that we should.

new bedding embroidery

My husband is one of those men who’d rather leave the window cracked in Winter and get under a big pile of blankets, so in Summer he’s usually the one uncomfortable and kicking the sheets off (pulling them off of me and making me grumpy).  The Second Skin sheets are designed to ‘breathe’ and keep you cooler than regular sheets.  The sheets are also made of cotton rather than polyester like the sheets I had purchased.  We have a very deep mattress because of all the bells and whistles, but the fitted sheet still fit without me having to fight it like the old set too.  They take a little more care to wash and dry, but you notice the difference in the way it feels immediately.

new bedding pillows

The embroidery is absolutely beautiful on these sheets and after 4 washes it hasn’t bled at all.  I do wish there were more color options as my room is a bright cheery lavender, but the blue is really nice.  The top of the sheet itself is nice and wide so it can be turned down to show off the embroidery and make you feel like you’ve accomplished something this morning by making your bed look magazine-ready.  The care for the sheets is a little different and makes me wonder if I’ve actually been doing it wrong all this time.  You wash them (optionally with special linen detergent), tumble dry low without any dryer sheets, and then you put them on the bed while they’re still just a touch damp.  Apparently this helps with wrinkles.  Who knew?

My husband is sleeping much better now and since he’s not constantly pulling the sheets down off of me, I am too.

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Do you have something you must have with your bedding to be comfortable?  
I’d love to know in the comments and don’t forget to check out Perfect Linens for yourself:
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