Zozae Premium Synthetic Makeup Brushes

I really don’t think you can ever have too many makeup brushes.  True Story.  Not just because you might forget to wash them frequently enough (guilty), but because there are so many subtle differences that make a serious change in how your makeup goes on and blends in.  I’ve actually been using the same brushes for a long time now (around 5 years), so when  reached out to ask if I wanted to give their box set of brushes a shot I was more than happy to.

hair and makeup done

Time For Hair And Makeup With New Makeup Brushes

I was trying out some new John Freida products for my hair last week and used my new brushes to doll up for the photos I was taking of my suddenly beautifully wavy hair.  I used the new Zozae brushes for my foundation, contouring, and even the smaller brushes for my eyes.  I wish the angled brush would have been a little bit thinner since I like using them to get really sharp, thin lines for my gel eyeliner.  Otherwise though, they were very comfortable to use and got the job done.

zozae brushes

Extra Features

The brushes have a white tip which means unlike my current brown set, I have a constant reminder that I need to get them cleaned up.  It’s both a nice indicator that I have to take care of them, and a way to see whether or not I managed to get all of my foundation out of them.  They come with a really cute little travel bag, but I already have a leather brush carrier with a metal clasp that I really love, so for now I’m going to stick to that unless I have to get on a plane.

This 8 piece set is normally $89.97 on Amazon, but right now it’s on sale for 30% off.  I could definitely see these makeup brushes becoming a permanent part of my kit if they continue to hold up the way they have so far.

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