Trying A Whipped Body Butter

Sometimes I don’t feel like I could possibly drink enough water to keep my skin from getting dry.  Especially that mom pooch area.  Fellow mothers, you know the one.

LT Organics offered me a tub of their organic whipped argan oil body butter.  I’ve been using it for the last month pretty faithfully on my abdomen while I’m working out to try to help keep the skin pliable while I’m trying to shrink down that last little bit of extra I’ve been fighting with.

argan oil body butter

The packaging is nice and I like the wider, shorter tubs a lot better than tall ones.  It means less mess up the side of your hand!  The body butter is whipped which gives it a really silky texture.  It’s really easy to get on and doesn’t feel greasy while it’s absorbing.  It feels a little like right after you’ve dried off in the shower: damp for a minute, but not oily.  The only downside of the product while it’s still in its container is the smell.  The ingredients say it has a fragrance added, but when it’s concentrated in the tub it smells a little to me like play-doh.  That said, on the skin there’s not really any noticeable scent.

body butter

Argan oil is supposed to be helpful for stretch marks.  While I don’t have any deep or painful ones, I do have some little stripes.  I didn’t notice any long term changes in them yet, but they do tend to fade out a bit after I’ve used the body butter for a while.  Time will tell whether or not it becomes any lasting changes!



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