Tie Clips For A Gentleman Husband

I totally nailed Father’s Day this year and I’ve finally figured out how to handle these holidays.  For me, every holiday is hard with my husband because he never so much as hints at what he wants.  Not a word.  Nothing.  This year, I asked him if he’d like to start wearing tie clips to work again and finally got more than an, “I don’t care”.  His grandfather passed away in April and tie clips or tags were always something he wore to church, something memorable about someone my husband loved and looked up to completely.

tie clips

This was a perfect chance to get something shiny into his wardrobe.  Men’s Bodega helped me out with this little experiment and sent Mr. Determined a nice gift set of tie clips.

These were a win with my picky husband.  As I’m laying out his clothes in the morning, I just pick out a clip and put it out for him.  There’s both silver tone and gold tone clips in the box in lots of different patterns, so I have a lot of options for coordinating it with the tie patterns.  I especially love that there’s little extras in them like the black and stone accents.  Mr. Determined works in a very formal office, so this is definitely going to help him fit in.  The clips had a really nice hing on the back of the tie rather than being just two pieces like a clothespin (and like cheap clips), so there are no marks left after he comes back home.gold tie clips

These go great with standard ties and are quickly becoming as much a part of my husband’s every day routine as putting on his belt.  It’s nice to see him enjoying something, and I admit I definitely don’t mind seeing him looking even more dapper.  (Dress Shirt, Tie, Tie Clip, Nice Watch, and Fedora.  Swoon.)  It adds to him looking like such a gentleman and I’m so happy we tried something new.


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