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here are plenty of moms out there that would love to be able to stay home with their children while still earning a living for the household. However, sometimes circumstances beyond our means prevent us from doing the things we want to do and force us to do what we believe we have to do. Maybe your job has great health benefits and you can’t afford to be without them, maybe you’re the breadwinner and can’t afford to have a fluctuating income, or maybe you need to make a certain dollar amount per month and can’t see yourself doing it without your 9 to 5.

Whatever the barriers are that are in your way there are solutions that can help you get around them. As the internet and modern technologies improve, many women have found that starting a business from home is a very simplistic process. All you need is the perfect company (or business idea) to start with, a nest egg for cushion, and the willpower to make your work from home venture a success.

Don’t Jump…Transition

One thing I can tell you for sure is that you simply can’t “jump ship” the moment you are ready to be at home with your children. If you’re responsible for certain bills, have decent health insurance, or are the breadwinner of the home, leaving your solid job without a plan is asking for trouble. So, I recommend transitioning from your current job into your work from home opportunity. How do you go about transitioning? You find a business idea or work from home job opportunity that allows you to work around your current work and life schedule until you’ve ensured that you’ve got enough cushion to say good-bye to your boss.

While I can’t tell you exactly when to “jump ship”, I can give you some ideas on jobs that can be easy to work into your current work and life schedule until you feel ready to leave. Below are a few examples you might consider:

·  Freelance Writer

Now I’m not just stating this because I’m a writer, but being a freelance writer is an easy business opportunity that can fit into your work/life schedule. There are various facets of writing you could try including blog writing, article writing, web content writing, resume writing, and more.  As a writer you can easily determine how many people you can write for, which hours of the day you want to write, and when assignments will be returned to the client. Since writing a blog post or informational article does not require a set schedule, you could decide to write after the kids have gone to bed for a few hours or even on your lunch break at work. As you get paid you can simply place that extra money in a savings account to begin building your nest egg.

·  Health Insurance Agent

Health insurance is a huge industry to get into, and with every American citizen being required to have some form of health insurance, you can rest assure this is a product that will sell itself. As an independent health insurance agent, you get to be in control of the whole selling process. You can sell insurance on the weekends, after working hours, or even in your sleep (by creating a website with the option to purchase a policy online). Companies such as USHealth Group offers commission based career opportunities for interested parties. Before determining which company you will work for, I highly recommend checking out their social media pages to get a bigger picture of how they are as a company and as an employer. Using the same example of USHealth Group Insurance, you can check out their Facebook page and the many followers of their posts.

·  Babysitting Services

If being around children is something you really enjoy then perhaps starting babysitting services would be a great way to work from home. This is also a position which can be easy to transition and coordinate with your work and life schedule. For instance, not everyone works a 9 to 5 schedule. So you may be able to cater to parents who are looking for a sitter in the evening or weekend hours. As you build up enough money to leave your regular job, you can then expand your hours of operation to meet a larger demographic of parents.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding positions that are easy to coordinate with your current job and life schedule. By finding opportunities that don’t require a set amount of hours or offer a level of flexibility when it comes to providing services, you can work your regular job, be there for your family, and work your side job until you’ve reached the ultimate goal. After you’ve built a good client list and earned a reasonable amount of money for a nest egg, you can finally give your notice and kiss your day job good-bye.


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