Glucosamine Joint Supplement for Our Furbabies

I’ve been talking about my special-needs dogs since I first started this blog.  Now my little girls are 5, 10, and 15.  Two older dogs mean we have to do a joint supplement for both of them.  My oldest needs it for her back and the middle dog for her bad hips.  I’m not handling them getting older very well.


angel motivation

Angel is my baby and the kids love her like crazy, so I’m willing to take the time every morning to give her a joint supplement so she can keep playing with them.  For Cassie, she’s lost most of her teeth by 15 so we can’t use chewable tablets.  K9z Rule offered us a liquid supplement to see if that would help, so I was willing to try.

Starting out, you use a full dose once a day and afterward switch to a “maintenance dose” which is about half of the full dose.  The supplement itself is a rather thick liquid that you dilute.  For Angel, we have been dispersing it in a small dish of water.  For Cassie, we’ve been mixing it in with her soft food since she didn’t show much interest in the water mix.  Having to prepare the supplement certainly isn’t as easy as the tablets, but there’s not fight to get them to take it.  I can still remember my mom having to hide those sort of things in cheese or bread for our old boy, but I haven’t had to hide the new joint supplement since it just blends right in.

The supplement is normally 54.99 on Amazon, but right now it’s on sale for only $37.95.  I know that may still seem high, but the bottle is huge and will last our family a long time even with two different dogs taking it.  We’re going to use up the bottle and see if we can find any long-term results after it’s done before we buy the next one.


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