Getting Awesome Beach Hair On Vacation

To help me look fab on our vacation, this shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
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Many of you followed along as my husband and I reconnected with his family after he went without speaking to them for 15 years.  It’s been a crazy ride getting to know his huge family in another state, but a good one.  We’ve actually been taking pretty frequent trips up there now to be with everyone, including one big celebration for the 4th of July with a splash pad adventure and fireworks with much-loved cousins my husband hasn’t seen since they were little children.

family vacation to wisconsin

The ages in my husband’s family are interesting for me at 27.  He’s from the oldest siblings in his parents’ generations.  That means most of their generation is in their 50s and most of his generation is hovering somewhere around 16-21.  I bet you can guess which one I gravitated toward during the trip, right?  Even being a lot older than these girls, we still get along because of my love (obsession) with beauty products and nail art.  We have something to bond over.

beach blonde hair products

The only problem is that when we go to Wisconsin we’re staying at his parents house and I can’t pack all of my kits and heat tools.  I also can’t spend an hour in the bathroom and expect him to wrangle the kids so I can make myself up, so I have to go a little simpler.  My little sister (whose hair usually looks like she’s some Greek goddess, so unfair) swears by sea salt spray.  Before we left I decided to pick up her favorite kind along with shampoo and conditioner to go with it during our prep trip to Walmart.  I grabbed the John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray, Beach Blonde™ Cool Dip™ Shampoo, and Beach Blonde™ Smooth Seas™ Conditioner.

beach blonde products at walmart

I know this question is coming, so I’ll go ahead and answer it.  Yes, the John Frieda® products are called Beach Blonde™.Yes, I know it says Blonde.  No, I’m not blonde.  Yes, you really can use this for any color.  I know there are a lot of products on the market for specific colors of hair, especially for restoring dyed hair, but this isn’t one of them.  The Beach Blonde™ products aren’t actually meant just for blondes.  It’s just some cool beachy imagery for the product line.  Excited mid-vacation selfie time!

beach wave hair

I used the Beach Blonde™ Cool Dip™ Shampoo and Beach Blonde™ Smooth Seas™ Conditioner first to get my hair super clean for the look at my sister’s suggestion.  It also helps to add some texture.  Then it was time to use the Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray to cheat and get some wave in my hair.  The shampoo and conditioner are a detox formula and smells a lot like mint.  The sea salt spray is supposed to give you those piecey pretty I-just-swam-in-the-ocean-all-day waves and smells like coconut.  Needless to say my in-laws’ bathroom smelled heavenly when I was done in there.

For most women, it’s a spray-in-and-scrunch-and-you’re-done process, but mine takes a little bit more.  Here’s a suggestion for you if your hair is super thick and long like mine (and refuses to hold hot curls for more than a couple hours): Wash and condition your hair and let it nearly dry.  Then twist your hair around your finger into ropes and spritz sea salt spray on those ropes.  Let them sit while you’re doing your makeup and after several minutes give each one a slight scrunch to release them.  Tadaa!  Beach hair without any heat.

wavy bangs

What this sea salt spray does on thin strands of bangs (like I love with pigtails) is amazing.

We went to the splash pad with the kids where I got to have a blast with family, watch the kids shoot each other with water cannons, and look just as put together as my husband’s younger cousins.  I didn’t put any hairspray in these because wet hairspray is gross, which brought the wave level way down after a couple hours (see above about hair that refuses curls like my kid refuses carrots).  What it left behind though was really loose waves for body which I was happy to throw into another cute hairstyle for the evening.  Paired with my pearls and a light chiffon shirt, I think I made pigtails look party acceptable.

I’m happy I took Katie’s lead and tried out something I admit I totally thought wasn’t for my hair for our big trip.  Since we got home, I’ve been watching the John Frieda® social media accounts for little videos and suggestions on how to use them even better (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram). Have you tried the Beach Blonde™ Collection? I’d love to hear your favorite!


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