Enjoying Tea Sampler Review And Giveaway

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I’ve never been shy about the fact that our family enjoys tea very frequently.  I use matcha in sweets like green tea doughnuts, have tea at night before bed with my husband, and even my kids are starting to be tea drinkers throughout the day.  Last week we all had a chance to try a sampler set of new blends to experience teas that the grocery store just doesn’t carry.

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Enjoying Tea sent over one of their sampler sets for me to try out with the family.  These are cute little boxes of tea with 6 different blends sealed in their own little tins.  (I haven’t decided how I’m going to re-use these tins yet, so feel free to make suggestions!)  The pack had Jasmine Green TeaKeemun Black TeaRoasted Mate ChaiEarl Grey Black TeaOrganic Slimming Oolong Tea, and Vanilla Rooibos.

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The Vanilla Rooibos was by far the family favorite and my husband has claimed the rest of the tin for himself.  I have a very personal bias against Earl Grey tea, so that’s the one tin that I didn’t drink any of myself.  My old roommate many years ago always had Earl Grey in the apartment and I got tired of it quickly, so it’s just not for me.  I did however doctor it up for my kids American style with lots of milk and sugar though.  They really seemed to like it.  As for me, I’m a lover of all sorts of Chai tea and the Roasted Mate Chai was great.

The tea didn’t agree with my strainer since the leaves in the tins were a bit small, so I decided to put it in tea bags instead this time.  My finer mesh strainer broke earlier this year and the one I have currently let too many bits of the leaves through for my liking.  My husband’s first cup of Vanilla Rooibos tea came out pretty messy.

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I love that they include a little insert in the box to show you recommended steeping times, temperature, and amounts of tea per cup.  Everyone adjusts this to their own liking of course, but it’s good to have a jumping off point.  Brewing tea really is something you have to get a feel for, especially with the potential of loose-leaf teas.  I like my tea a little strong and I’ve been eyeballing their Bella Coola and Apple Spice Black Tea as some to try next since I think these kinds of really fruity teas would be fantastic for our family.

Win It!

We’re giving away a sampler box just like the one we tried to one lucky winner.  The giveaway is open to residents of the US only through June 30, 2015.  Use the form below to enter and good luck!

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