Purple Circle Lenses On Brown Eyes

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It’s common advice when you have brown eyes that colored contacts are out of the question for you.  Even in my doctor’s office, where they offer basic colored lenses, they told me that they wouldn’t really show up.  Queue my wanting my mother’s light green eyes rather than my father’s dark brown ones.  (Although I did luck out with eyes that look like a slice of a tree, with rings of green and light brown in them.)

Circle Lenses Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter

I’ve gotten brown circle lenses before to make my eyes look a little bigger and had a few colored contacts to tint them, but I’ve never gone after opaque circle lenses to completely change the color.  LensCircle.com wanted to help me give it a try, so they sent me these purple Angel Series Circle Lenses.

You can see the difference in the video.  I showed them together and what it’s like with just one in.  (For those who are squeamish, I chose not to show myself actually putting them in.  They go in the same as regular contacts.)

True Color Photos Of The Colored Circle Lenses

I really, REALLY love the looks of these.  The photos in this post are 100% unedited other than adding the letters so you can see a completely true representation of the lenses.  I didn’t do any photoshop on my face or eyes whatsoever, so this is a completely accurate representation of the color.  (You can even tell that clouds ruined my lighting in the second shot.  I decided to keep it and show it anyway so you can see it all!)

Compared to the stock photos, these look a lot more violet than the slightly pinkish-purple on the model.  That could be due to my eye color or just some color correction when the stock photo was created.  Either way, it matches my favorite eye liner of all time and I’m totally in love with this look.


When I’m in brighter light like these pictures standing near a window, my pupils are small enough to still see quite a bit of my natural color coming through the center.  In a lower light situation like sitting and watching tv with my husband, my pupils are dilated almost out to the inner ring of the purple.  They’re sized really well to allow for light to still pass in naturally as if they were a standard clear contact.  My contacts here are in my prescription which is surprisingly hard to come by.  A lot of places have prescription circle lens selections, but the -1.25 for my right eye seems to be about as rare as a unicorn.

Overall, I’d say I definitely would by again. . . frequently. . . as in I’ve already decided I’m getting the green ones from the same series.  And maybe the blue Nudy series ones.  I think I’ve developed an obsessions!

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