Getting Summer Clothes Without Breaking The Bank

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My boys need to stop growing.  Especially the oldest child who’s now only a foot shorter than me and turns 7 next month.  Around this time every year we pick up new clothes for Easter and grab some things for this weird transitional weather in the midwest and for the upcoming warm weather.  This is the last year that my oldest will be able to get his Easter clothes from Carter’s (and match his younger brother because I’m that mom), so I’m going to enjoy it.

We went to Carter’s to check out some of the sales going on while we were getting our Easter clothes.  They had several tables set up for the t-shirts and shorts on sale ($6-$8) with coordinating colors so you can go through and get some mix and match outfits that can be put together in lots of ways.  My oldest son’s favorite pants for school are their “playwear” pants which were also on sale.  They’re lighter than his jeans so they’re good for when the weather’s warming up (and according to him they’re the best recess pants ever).

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They also are carrying swimwear all the way through sizes 7-12 now along with tons of accessories like cute sunglasses, hats, towels, and sandals which makes me so happy since I love their designs.  All of the colors and patterns were made to coordinate with each other.  It’s great for dressing up one child and even better for dressing two together.

For Easter, we’re making the kids a little more comfortable for dinner to help with fidgeting.  We have dress clothes for church, but we picked up t-shirts, matching orange and blue button up shirts, and nice dark jeans.  We’re not going to make them wear their shoes during dinner, again to ease discomfort, so we also grabbed a few packs of their super cute socks on sale along with belts and hats to match.  Yes, the boys will match each other from head to toe.  Sorry not sorry.

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We’re still hoping for another baby and the girl’s side of store just makes me want someone to dress in all of their new floral patterns that much more.  Maybe next Easter?  For now, I do still have the two very dapper boys and Easter’s going to be a blast.

Discounts for you!

I love it when companies are willing to give out special coupons for my lovely readers and Carter’s has provided a really nice one this year.  Here’s your coupon for $25 off of $40 or more.  That’s a huge discount to use for kids who won’t stop outgrowing their clothes.




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