Getting Into Rhythm With Your Kids

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At a young age so many kids see on the television what is “cool” and what is not. Very few, if any at all showcase music as a trendy skill to have. Music is usually something children may pick up voluntarily in their young adulthood. So many kids want to be professional athletes, astronauts, president, I mean some even go as far as wanting to be superman. None of those are musical prodigies that the child will idolize.

Music has been known for generations to do wonders to the development of the mind in young children, some scientists even believe that playing Mozart during the pregnancy can intellectually enhance the child. But sadly, that does not mean the child is going to come out playing like Beethoven and strumming away like Jack Johnson at a concert. Odds are they will still come out wanting to play football or baseball. The struggle is real, but not impossible. So many big name in music picked up the talent at an extremely young age, most of them began taking singing lessons as they were learning to talk.

So many fourth grade classes try and teach their classes how to use the recorder, which is an instrument, but by then unless the childs mind is in tune with learning music, then that just becomes another project that will have a beginning and an even quicker end.

Aside from the level of “uncoolness” lessons can have, many kids are fearful of going to school and getting made fun of for wanting to learn the cello, or being picked up early for a violin recital. Many of which require fashion choices no child would want a part of. Parents all over the country struggle with enrolling their kids into these programs and can not emphasize enough how important lessons can be. Most children obviously are not able to see that in the future having a music talent is considered desirable, and even attractive. Some colleges offer thousands of dollars in scholarships yearly to students who are fluent in the music dialect.

Its not that football and soccer are not as amazing and require just as much talent, but music talents are more uncommon these days. Maybe some sort of reward system for kids who go to lessons should be in store. Or elementary schools that are more directly music influenced. So many preschools have opened to cater too teaching the spanish language at an early age, since music is not a physical talent anybody can train to do, schools should be open to developing the mind musically.

Music is nothing to underestimate. It has been proven that it can help with focus, concentration, memorization and uses a part of the brain that does not get used as often as others. It is a language that we are not born speaking. And because of how foreign it is, science has proven that people who can successfully learn how to play an instrument will struggle less learning a foreign language.

So there is evidence proving musical education is psychologically stimulating and can build children and adults intellectually. Sure sports require discipline and physical movement, but that is not going to help any child learn Portuguese or Spanish in the future. Colleges require a foreign language, not sports. Jobs all over the world are looking for bilingual employees, the sports field is harder to get into than most. Music is helpful and can stick forever, one bad injury and a sports career can be ended instantly. Parents, it may be hard, but their future will be enhanced by music.


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