8 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation


All work and no play can be a recipe for stress, resentment, depression and boredom. However, the idea of making a family vacation an annual necessity can sound really scary to many parents, especially because of the cost that often tags along with having fun. Nevertheless, vacationing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, in fact, there are many little ways you can create a fun, budget-friendly vacation that your whole family would enjoy. Below are eight ways to do so

8 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation:

  • Choose your vacation spot: Choose your vacation destination in advance so that you can have a chance to snag a few deals and perks. Family friendly vacations should be educational as well as visually stimulating; relaxing yet entertaining, but above all else, family vacations should be fun.
  • Vacation at the right time:It is a known fact that hotel rates tend to rise during the peak vacation season of late June to Mid-August as well as on holidays. While it is possible to book impressive deals during the peak traveling times, make an effort to plan your vacation either just before or just after the peak vacation seasons to save a few bucks.
  • Group vacation:Another way to curb on the overall cost of vacationing is to travel with a larger group. Vacationing with your extended family or close friends can help save money on gas, as well as food and lodging.
  • Load up on deals:After you have booked your vacation, the next step would be to load up on deals. Research the resort that you are planning to visit and sign up for their newsletter to get the inside on deals. You should also research the attractions, shows and restaurants that you would like to visit and clip all of the valuable coupons you can find.
  • Brown bag it:One of the best ways to save money while vacationing with your family is to pack an abundance of travel-friendly foods. Request a hotel room with a fridge and stock it with juice, condiments, nuts, dried fruit and other such food.
  • Bring souvenirs with you:Chances are if you are vacationing in a resort that contains souvenir shops and gift stores your children are going to have their requests. A genius way to save on the high cost of vacation shopping while also making your kiddos happy is by purchasing cute, inexpensive gifts beforehand and giving it to them when the vacation starts.
  • Take advantage of free offerings:You should make room in your budget for a few activities and show that the resort may offer. However, you should also take advantage of any free offerings that your family would enjoy. Have picnics in the park, go for long walks and visit free fairs and shows.
  • Pack more than you need:Packing more than you think you would need will save you on having to make expensive purchases. Pack light jackets, additional underwear, sunscreen, Q-tips and other such items.

Once your vacation is over, and normal life has resumed, all you should be left with is fond memories and a greater appreciation of your family. Not large bills, stress, and regret. Take the steps to creating a budget-friendly vacation so that you are inspired to vacation with your family every year.



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