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A few weeks ago someone told me the same thing I’ve heard over and over for the last 7 years.

Moms don’t play video games unless it’s something like Candy Crush.

Sigh.  Not that there’s anything wrong with casual games.  I do play plenty of them.  I also play MMOs, shooters, RPGs, survival horror, and plenty of other games.  I have been playing games all my life.  It’s been a hobby I’ve indulged in on different levels over the past couple decades.  I certainly don’t do it nearly as much now as I did before my kids came along, but that part of me isn’t lost because I created two awesome little humans.

I have always talked on here about balance.  I’m someone’s mother, someone’s wife, but I’m still Brooke too.  I don’t hide my interests, but for the longest time I’ve struggled with just avoiding talking about it.  It’s one of my favorite ways to spend my me-time aside from crafting and working on nail art designs.  I like to think I’m well-rounded and it’s certainly not my only interest, but I always felt like I needed to leave that part of me behind when I socialized.  I’m really going to try to be a little more “me” and worry a little less this year.

Side Note: Technology-loving woman that I am, I HATE my current cell phone.  Nothing I can do can fix the fact that all of my photos and videos get purple rings around the outside and get worse as the video goes on.  It’s apparently a heat thing.  I still have one year until I can get rid of it with a reduced-cost upgrade.


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