Getting Valentine’s Day Flowers From The Bouqs

I’m a sucker for having fresh flowers in the house on the table.  I keep a silk bouquet around for when I can’t have them, but it’s just not the same as a bouquet of roses sitting in the kitchen, making it brighter.

It’s in my blood.  Growing up, I lived quite a bit of my childhood in a duplex owned by my great grandmother.  In the backyard she cultivated this beautiful, often wild, garden full of roses and morning glories.  There were heirloom roses and a very special pink rose bush that she had grown from a bit of one of her ancestors’ rose bushes.  (This had a big impact on the pen name I chose, Amrose.)  They’re such a part of my history and a timeless flower, so what better to have in the kitchen with Valentine’s Day so close?

The Bouqs was kind enough to direct me toward their volcanic collection of flowers and let me pick one out to show you.  (Although I bought these specifically with Valentine’s Day in mind, I just found out that they have a subscription as well and I’m going to be looking into it.)

the bouqs hot lava bouquet

I chose the Hot Lava Flower Bouquet because I’m tired of it being so dreary outside.  This is a collection of bright yellow and hot pink roses.  They came in just a couple days and had their customs sticker to show they were imported right from Ecuador where they were grown on an eco-friendly, sustainable farm near a volcano.  How exotic is that?


I won’t lie, these aren’t as cheap as going down to Kroger and picking up a dozen red roses (which I think are boring, FYI.) but it’s about on par with actual flower retailers.  HOWEVER, as someone who’s made a whole lot of flower purchases I have to say that these lasted much longer than even the ones I picked up from the little local flower shops.  The ones we’ve purchased online from other places usually lasted only three days before wilting and the ones from the flower shop around five.  This bouquet from The Bouqs was $40 for a dozen.  ($50 for 24 or $70 for 36.)

the bouqs yellow roses
My yellow roses were even prettier than the photos on their website.

Preparing The Roses

One thing to be cautious about: These are your standard as-they-were-intended-to-be-grown roses.  The thorns are still there.  When you’re clipping the roses at an angle, standard for preparing flowers for a vase, you need to be wary of those little pokers.  Each rose needed to be trimmed at an angle and their bottom leaves removed.  This is best done by you and not the farmer as it gives you the option of multiple vases depending on how high you want to trim everything.  They included a bit of plant food for the initial water, so it just needed to be stirred in at the start before the roses went in.

the bouqs pink roses

How Long Did They Last?

My roses kept for just under two weeks you guys.  Two Weeks.  I only used the plant food they provided (no cheating with my own supplies) and changed the water every five days.  The blooms started looking a little crispy after the first 8 days or so, but no leaves or petals fell until much later.  The yellow roses started to give out before the pink.  In fact now, two weeks later, the pink roses are definitely no longer looking like new roses, but they still pass as “alive” while they’re sitting there on the table.

I would most definitely order from The Bouqs again (and probably soon).  If you want to see their collections, including roses and my beloved calla lilies, you can check them out below with a little double discount for my favorite people:


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