Why We’re Having A Honeybaked Ham Again for Christmas

If you missed it last month, we had a chance to get to know Honeybaked’s turkey breast.  Turkey wrapped in the same sweet crunchy glaze as their hams.  The older I get, the more of a foodie I become it seems.  I REALLY love holiday meals most of all and I’ve been spoiled the last few years with big Honeybaked hams.  I had a little bit of my gift card from them left over, so I used it to pick up another turkey, a ham, some sides, and a couple of desserts.  These hams are tasty, pre-sliced, and pre-cooked.  They just needing to be heated up in the oven!  Nobody needs to know I didn’t cook it myself when I take it out of the oven (except maybe my mom, who buys them so often herself that she can spot it.)

honeybaked ham diagram

I’ve recently started getting more and more into their side dishes too.  That set-up I did for Thanksgiving was great and having all of the trays sunk into a bigger tray buffet-style really took a lot of the stress off of me since I could just send everyone up to the island in the kitchen.  Guess who’s definitely doing that again for Christmas?  I headed back to our Sawmill Road Store to pick up goodies.

honeybaked green beans

Since the side dishes can be baked right in their trays, it’s so simple to just add a serving spoon and dish them right out from the containers.  The green bean casserole is great on it’s own, but we’ve also started adding a small container of fried onions to the side of the serving tray for everyone to top theirs with if they choose.  Mr. Determined is also now a huge fan of their mashed potatoes and specifically asked for them when I was putting together the list of what to pick up while we were there.  He may actually be more of a foodie than I am and the man definitely knows what he likes (and is vocal about what he doesn’t like.)

honeybaked christmas turkey

We’re expecting quite a lot of people for Christmas whenever we host, so along with a large ham, we can get some variety in with another turkey breast.  They’re really not that expensive and come already prepared, just like the ham.  They can be baked at the same time and served up at opposite ends of the dinner table surrounded by stuffing and veggies for a fantastic display.

honeybaked cinnamon apples

Honeybaked always has seasonal pies on hand which this time of year which means my beloved pumpkin pie and pecan pie for my dad.  They have another dessert style side dish hiding in the cooler with the other sides that I highly recommend picking up if you’re not much of a pie person.  Their cinnamon apple slices were something we picked up for the first time at Thanksgiving and it’s something I’m going to keep picking up.  I’m not big on crusty pies but I do love the filling from apple pie.  I tend to end up picking it apart and just eating the insides and a tiny bit of the shell, true story.  These apples come in a simple black container like the others and bake at the same temperature, so they can be prepared at the same time (no double oven required this year).  They’re absolutely divine, especially topped with a little vanilla ice cream.  Because who doesn’t want an excuse for ice cream at Christmas?  (And yes, that’s a slice of their pumpkin pie in the photo above with the apples.  I had two desserts.  Because Christmas.)

From now until 1/11/15 you can enter to win a $25,000 HoneyBaked Kitchen Makeover when you buy a Ham and Turkey Breast bundle.

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