Easy Homemade Soap and Lip Balm Kits


As a disclaimer before I start telling you about our project together, I make cosmetics and bath products at home pretty frequently, so I wasn’t completely new to the idea when my Kiss Naturals sets showed up at the door.  These little kits had all of the supplies someone would need to start out making these items and were PERFECT for sharing my hobby with the kids.

kiss naturals kits

We picked up a mini bath fizzie set, lip balm set, and a glycerin soap making set (personal favorite).  If you’re picking up multiple sets from them, make sure to clean out and keep your silicone molds between them.  They’re reusable and compatible with some of the other sets!  (As well as regular soap-making supplies.)  First we made the lip balms and bath fizzies.  The kits come with small microwave-safe cups to do your heating, mixing, and melting in.  This is going to save you from risking having contamination from your regular kitchen measuring cup if you don’t have a craft-dedicated one.

kiss naturals bath fizzies

The mini bath fizzies set had a silicone mold set with four small heart-shaped wells.  The mold is a very soft silicone with thinner walls.  That means it’s fantastic for kids to use, but it also makes them susceptible to bulging which can end up with pieces of your bath bombs ripping when they’re removed from the mold.  When you’re pressing the powder and witch hazel mix into the mold, be sure you’re pressing downward (not out) and use the fingers on your other hand to support the walls of the well.

The soap making kit was my favorite since it’s one of my favorite crafts to do on my own.  This is also the one my children were most involved in.  We decided to use our kit to make stocking stuffers for some of the women in our family and my oldest son’s teacher.  This isn’t one that can be done without supervision, but it was still a lot of fun for my five and six year old sons.  We melted a pre-measured block of glycerin in the provided cup and tray for ten seconds in the microwave, then added a small scoop of the colorant and stirred.  Next was to choose between the two provided scents and mix them all together before pouring the liquid into the mold.

The amount of glycerin they provide in each block is enough to fill any two wells of the mold.  That was great with two kids since it allowed them both to have soap cooling at the same time.  The directions say 15 minutes, but from my own experience, I like to let them sit for an hour to prevent any chance of denting the soap with your fingers when you’re removing the mold.

After the kids were done, I got creative with the heart mold from the bath fizzies kit and the soap mold.  For the hearts, I made purple from the pink and blue colorants provided and poured it into all four wells, filling them about halfway up.  I also used lavender essential oil for the scent.  Once that had cooled just enough to form a light skin on the top, I prepared more glycerin with a dash of a gold metallic colorant I already had.  I didn’t mix this one nearly as much as the purple and left some of the metallic bits suspended in the soap.  The result is a champage-looking soap that I love to make.  I poured that champagne inspired soap on top of the semi-cooled purple in the heart mold and let it all cool together.  The result was a two-toned soap that came out beautifully.

instagram soap

I used that same two-tone technique to fill in just the small strip in the front of the star mold with gold and back it the rest of the way with pink.  I did the same with the rose to give it a glittery top.  For the penguin, I took just a drop of the clear glycerin left over from the rose and set it aside.  I filled up the penguin with colored soap from the kit, all the way up until only the beak was left empty.  Then I took the drop of clear glycerin and loaded it with gold colorant, pouring it into the beak area only.  The result was a seriously blinged-out penguin.  I love how all of them turned out and I’ve got them in organza bags waiting to go to family.

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