Honeybaked: Come In For Thanksgiving Carryout, Stay For Lunch

That’s what happened to me last week.  Do you guys remember when I picked up a Super Sandwich earlier this year to have Mr. Determined’s co-workers over?  We asked two of those same co-workers over to help us unload a cord and a half of wood that the tree-cutters had dropped off and get it loaded into our racks.  I went in for another super sandwich as a bribe to get them to come over.  Worked like a charm!  While I was there I decided to get all of our Thanksgiving dinner foods.  (Disclosure: Honeybaked was kind enough to provide me with a gift card to purchase Thanksgiving Dinner so I could show you guys how awesome it is.  We were already planning on going there for our food regardless of whether or not we were compensated.)

Check Out Our Awesome Thanksgiving Dinner Here.

Little Bug was with me of course and as we’re heading up to the counter his little voice goes, “Mom?  Can we eat here?”  How do I say no to that?  We’re lucky enough that our Honeybaked on Sawmill Rd. has a beautiful little cafe attached called Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe, so the kiddo and I decided to stay for brunch before picking up our food.

honeybaked pancake
Little Bug’s pancake. Yes, we took some home afterward.

Want a real test of the service at any restaurant you visit?  How about when your five year old asks the cafe’s manager to play tic tac toe with him on the children’s menu, and he does.  After being a waitress as a teen, I know how difficult it can be to manage your time making sure everything goes smoothly and making sure the customers feel welcome.

Our waiter, Tyler, was at that same level of awesome service: getting down to Little Bug’s level to get his order, and double checking every little detail of mine.  (Spoiler: I’m a picky foodie and almost never order sandwiches ‘as-is’.)  I love that he was so easily able to talk to Little Bug on his level and keep a professional mannerism with me.

honeybaked sweet potato loaf

This is the appetizer that came out.  How could you not feel spoiled eating this?  It’s a sweet potato loaf with a light glaze on top and it was fabulous.  I’d easily buy a large one of these as an appetizer for our holiday meals.  If the rest of the guests were lucky, they might get a bite.  The food came out within around ten minutes: chocolate chip pancake for the kid and a Tavern sandwich for me.  Let’s have a moment of silence for how huge and tasty this thing is.

honeybaked tavern club sandwich

honeybaked tavern club close up

I’ve never had a complaint about our Honeybaked’s counter and the cafe was absolutely right on par with them.  My favorite member of the team was there today too!  I’ve seen Govita every time I go into Honeybaked and she’s always such a joy for myself and the other customers.

awesome ladies at honeybaked
A photo at our Honeybaked from Easter 2014’s article.

Earlier this year, I took Big Bug with me to pick up our Easter ham and she was the one to listen intently as he showed his new counting skills learned from Kindergarten.  Embarrassed mom moment totally saved.

honeybaked staff
Govita and Tyler, Staff at Honeybaked and Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe

It turns out eating at our little cafe was as splendid as taking our normal Honeybaked carryout home with us.  We’re definitely going to do this again.  In fact, Mr. Determined are going to be stopping by for lunch when we sneak away from the children for a little while to go Christmas shopping.

If you’re in the Columbus area:

Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe
6630 Sawmill Road
Columbus, OH 43235
phone: 614-764-1717

You can also check your local area to see if there’s a Honeybaked nearby.


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