I’m Ripping Out All My Flowers

And turning my backyard flower garden into a vegetable one.  I’ve wanted to do a backyard vegetable garden ever since I moved out on my own almost a decade ago.  Apartments with no yards just don’t lend themselves to that very well though.  This Summer I got my feet wet with a little container gardening to see what I could handle: The Timon & Pumba Project.

By the way, here’s the conclusion of the project:

I’m a big judgemental jerk.

But only when it comes to my plants.  Pumba grew so much faster, fruited weeks before Timon.  It was my golden child of pepper plants and I shunned the scrawny Timon that followed.  Pumba’s peppers just weren’t hot though.  They were more sweet, without much bite.  Still tasty.  Timon lagged behind by weeks, but the peppers that came from it were large and hot (check out this carrot sized one I pulled yesterday.)

timon and pumbaa week 2

Do I have a long way to go?  Obviously.  My parents had a humongous garden full of peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkins, etc.  I’m not ready for that, nor do I really have the space without sacrificing the kids’ play areas of the yard.  What I do have is a flower garden in the backyard that I’m just not all that fond of.

I’m keeping the small shade tree and trimming it way back.  I can hang the bird houses there and encourage the birds who eat vegetable-destroying bugs to come hang out.  What’s in there now is similar to the photo I put up here earlier this year of the bed around my other tree.

100days1lens breakfast landscape

Some tiger lilies, smaller yellow flowers, and black eyed susans spread out near the deck and look quite pretty, but I have them on all sides of the house.  It’s okay to sacrifice one bed right?

Getting The Garden Ready The Fall Before

Aside from ripping up the flowers, I’m preparing the beds now to make sure they’re ready.  We’re going to be putting in a lot of organic material to add nitrogen to the soil.  This means stealing some of the green grass clippings after my fiance’s mowed the lawn and turning it into the soil.  I’m also going to be adding sand to one strip that goes around the side of the house a bit.  This is for carrots.  The sand is going to make the soil looser and allow them to grow easier.

I’m also investing in some tall “pots” for growing potatoes.  We eat tons of potatoes (perfect time for one of Mr. Determined’s jokes about me being Irish), so it’s only natural that I’d give these super easy plants a go.

plant pot

That’s what I’m getting on Amazon for next Spring.  They’re cloth planting pots that are supposed to be better for roots because of their ability to let air circulate into the soil.  Worth a try, right?  Plus right now they’re only $10 a piece for the biggest ones.

So far I’e decided on carrots, potatoes, lettuce (because it will like the semi-shade of the tree), and more hot peppers.  If you have other easy-to-grow plant suggestions, leave them below for me?


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