Things You Need To Do Before It Gets Too Cold

Things You Need To Do Before It Gets Too Cold

We’re heading into cold weather season.  Are you prepared yet?  Do these things now so you’re not trying to cram them in later!

Clean The Gutters

You can do this yourself or have it done, but when the leaves start falling into your gutters, you’re going to want to get them cleaned out!  Water flowing over the sides and corners of the gutters can cause erosion around the foundation after time.

cleaning the gutters

We cleaned ours for the first time since moving in and you’d never believe the things we found in there (like nerf bolts and wasp nests).

Sweep The Fireplace

Have this done by professionals.  It’s worth the money for a good deep cleaning!  Sweep out and clean the exposed part below the flue yourself using the same kind of wire brush you would use to clean a grill.  Then have someone come in to get the build-up above removed.  This helps prevent the residue catching fire while you’re enjoying your fireplace this Winter!

Clean The Outside of the Windows

You’re not going to want to do this while it’s frigid and most of us don’t do it enough as it is.  Go to the outside if you have to, or see if your windows are clipped into the wall in a way that you can turn them toward you to clean them.

Clean The Garage Floor

Again with the this-will-be-uncomfortable-when-its-cold.  You’ll want to do this a couple times during the Winter because of the salt from the road getting into your garage via car tires.  However beforehand, give it a nice deep cleaning and mop it.  That way you’re not leaving Summer’s dirt build-up under that ice.

Check Your Cold-Weather Clothes

If your cold-weather clothes have been in a box all this time, take them out and let them air out in an open room.  Smell them to check for musty odors and see if they need a good washing before you hang them with the rest of your clothing.

olive lace outerwear

Wash Jackets

Did you wash all of your jackets and winter coats before you hung them up for the season?  How about the gloves, hats, and scarves?  If they didn’t get a good scrub before they went into the closet or storage, make sure you wash them before you’ll need them this year.  That gives ample time for all those layers to dry in time.

 Touch Up Baseboards

If you have any parts of your baseboards where the paint has chipped, touch them up now.  The reasons for doing it now are two fold: This lets you have windows open and better ventilation while it’s still a little warmer and it also makes sure that your paint isn’t being cooked by nearby heating vents in the floor while it’s drying.

What are your household tips for heading into cold weather season?


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