The Timon and Pumbaa Diaries {Garden Project)

Next year we’re planning on making a garden in the back yard.  The downside of moving into an existing home is that you don’t know how the garden beds have been taken care of.  Before I cleared out one of the garden beds and turned it into a vegetable garden, I wanted to make sure that something could grow there.  I decided to check the soil there against new garden topsoil in a totally non-science-y way.

The Timon and Pumbaa Project Diaries

It’s named this way because I totally expected one of these plants to end up a little larger than the other.  Plus, if I name them I’m less likely to forget about them and kill them.  Green thumb I have not.

One pot would be filled with just the existing soil and one with the new top soil.  The seedlings I bought were in the same tray at the garden section and looked as identical as plants can get just to make sure I was getting solid results.  The plant I decided to experiment on was Red Hot chile Peppers.  They’re something we’ll use a lot of, and they’re cheap enough that I won’t cry like a toddler if I kill them.  (Totally a possibility here, everyone.)

timon and pumbaa week 2

Two Weeks In

Pumbaa (the plant I was expecting to do well) shot up so quickly since Summer has been so warm.  It tripled in height.  Timon however, was sad.  It barely grew from its seedling state.  Bugs started taking advantage of its weakness and nibbled the leaves.  Which I’m certain didn’t help anything.  Bug-eyed jerks.

Four Weeks In

Pumbaa is doing fantastic!  I’m starting to see flowers and the main stalk of the plant is now a really thick trunk.  Timon is growing but only just about where Pumbaa was two weeks ago.  I’m still taking care of them equally, although I’m starting to wonder if Timon will ever actually grow peppers.  Still no flowers on it.  Timon makes me a sad panda.

timon and pumbaa week 6

Six Weeks In

PEPPERS!  Little baby green peppers are coming out of the little pieces that held the flowers before on Pumbaa.  Timon is still lagging a couple of weeks behind and still has no flowers, let alone any peppers.  At this point I’ve decided that I definitely need to replace the soil where we do the garden next year.  There’s no question that the new soil is leaps and bounds better than what’s in my garden beds now.

 Eight Weeks In

The peppers on Pumbaa are nearly 2 inches long and there are still more flowers.  Holy chili peppers Batman!    (The atomic chili recipe is about to get kicked up a notch.)  Timon looks like it wants to make flowers.  There’s little white bulbs

I will update these as we go along.  Do you have any gardening advice for me?  My parents grew vegetables but I’m a total newbie to this!


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