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It’s no mystery that I do still play video games.  Although that part of my career is far behind me, I’m still found using my office as a gaming room pretty often.  Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas (I even have Fallout shoes!), Sins of a Solar Empire, and plenty of others still rotate through my “what I’m playing” list.

Some people put their heart (and time) into curating collections of mods and useful videos for those of us who get our entertainment from games.  One of them that I subscribe to (and check frequently) is MMOxReview.  He shows a huge variety of mods, including armor mods that some may find offensive but I find great.  (I and my fiance both now sometimes describe things as “Slooty” like the videos often say.)  I obsess over my clothing and armors in video games almost as much as I obsess over my real clothing.  What’s the point of being the savior of a fantasy world if you can’t play the exact kind of hero you want to be?

He appeals to everyone and I really appreciate that.


I make Youtube videos and run 3 blogs as well as contribute to a magazine and a few other lifestyle websites.  Just like what I do for a living, what he does can be gone in an instant.  One bad ban or the decline of a website (or social media site) can spell disaster for those of us who have careers so heavily invested in the internet.

I went to college for business and finance, so if the ish hit the fan I could go back into a bank’s underwriting department and work in finance or I could use what I’ve learned over the last four years in media to work with another magazine.  The man who runs the MMOxReview channel is a student attending a nice college to further his education.  He’s asked fans of his channel to help out.  There are millions of hours of entertainment on Youtube and while advertisers do pay a bit, we have to pay those content creators nothing at all.  Music, comedy, documentaries, tutorials, and more are available at no cost to us and these people put hours into making it.


So check out his channel.  If you like it, make sure to subscribe.  If you love it, consider supporting him on Patreon.  Education is important, he’s awesome, and this channel is something I look forward to catching up on every single week.

Do it for Ysera guys, for Ysera. 🙂


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