Stroller Walking, My Favorite Post-Partum Workout

I had a c-section with complications, which left me having absolutely no desire to go work out.  None.  Nada.  I didn’t want to leave my chair other than walking to the kiddo’s bassinet.  The first thing I was able to do with my oldest was walk with some support.  That support came from his stroller.

Four weeks after surgery I got the okay to be active again, so I got a sturdy stroller, drove to the local mall and began my walk routines.  The great thing about walking around the mall when you’re fatigued is that there’s usually plenty of places to stop and rest.  My little guy loved the lights and the people.  I had a lot of friends working at the mall since I used to work there myself, so everyone was happy to come see me as I rested and meet my Big Bug.

We started out with slow, short trips.  I leaned on the stroller for support a little less each trip, and leaned over it to look at this adorable little bald person I had created.  Jané has a lot of strollers that would be great for this little active time for new moms.

The company focuses on the safety of their strollers, so they’re made to be sturdy.  And while they don’t offer tons of different color options, the ones they do have are trendy and elegant choices.  They’ve been at this for nearly 100 years now, so their crafsmanship has had plenty of time to be perfected.

If I could have gone back and done it all over, I would have gone with a more lightweight jogging stroller instead of my big bulky one.  I also wouldn’t have gone with all of the electronic bits in the handle that I never used.  A nice aluminum jogging stroller makes getting active again after having children much easier.

This post brought to you by Jané.  Check them out at


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