Growing Like A Prepper

I’m not one of the people who prepares for the end of the world, although I do write about one.  In the post-apocalyptic novel I’ve been working on for the last year, it was those who had shelter who survived and it was those who had the seeds to begin anew who thrived.  The same is true of the real world.

Anyone who’s been a fan of the Walking Dead will probably remember that they said the key to their long-term survival would have been to have the farm area in the prison yard.  Even though that didn’t quite work out (darn walkers) they had the right idea.  It’s important to know that in the event of insert natural or man-made disaster here we would have the knowledge and ability to help our family continue to eat.

I’m working on a garden for next year just to supplement our grocery bill.  That’s our man-made disaster.  The price of the veggies I love to eat seem to rise every year and now that we finally have our own home, I see no reason why I can’t set aside some room for some fresh vegetables.  Organic, fresh veggies are hard (and expensive) to come by in a world of GMO food so it’s wonderful to know I can put some down right near the house.  After starting my Timon and Pumbaa Garden Project (See the diary of that right here), I know that I need to prepare a nice new bed for it all, but it will be worth it.

ark survival seeds

I’m going to be using a pack of Ark Survival Seeds.  This unassuming little bag is holding inside over 7,500 varied seeds split into little paper packets.  They’re USA-sourced, non-GMO, heirloom seeds that are packaged for long-term storage, so if I decide on bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers this year I can go back into the bag next year to add some broccoli and lettuce to the mix.

ark survival seed packets

In the event of a disaster, I can pull them all out at once and have a regular farm going.  Since the instructions for each plant are right on their little seed packet, I can hand them out to each member of the family and split up the work.

Last time I checked the price on Amazon, this pack of 7,500ish seeds was only $20.  Take that bruised-before-I-buy-you tomatoes.

A small sample of what seeds are inside.
A small sample of what seeds are inside. (You can click the picture to see it full size.)

Side note: This collection of seeds would be fabulous for starting a community or urban garden!

I’m not waiting for the end of the world.  I hope I never have to experience any disasters of any kind.  I want to have your typical suburban life with its playdates and gossip.  However, if a catastrophe hits home, I’d rather be prepared.  I bet some of my characters sure wish they had a bag of seeds like this sitting around.

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