How To Balance Video Games And Exercise For Children

Balancing your child’s gaming and exercising activities can sometimes be a challenge as video games become more and more immersive. For example, Wii U games are second to none when it comes to fun and excitement because their graphics are eye-catching and their game plays are quite challenging. However, the gaming revolution is not without its downsides as kids may spend too much time playing virtual games at the expense of the more crucial aspects of healthy child growth. That said, if your child plays too much video game the following tips should help ensure a balance between exercising and gaming:

Limit gaming time

Children are usually easily engrossed in playing video games and limiting the time spent doing this will help prevent them from overindulging. This can easily be achieved by setting rules around playing video games encompassing daily chores, homework times, and other responsibilities. You can start by limiting it to afternoons or evenings, and allowing only around one or two hours per day of gaming time. Handheld consoles can also be permitted during long journeys.


Video games usually have break times in between levels or at half time in games such as football, and as a parent, it is important to encourage the kids to take a break away from the console during these breaks. Another pointer is that If the game is almost coming to an end let them wrap up, and if it’s not give them a five or ten minute heads up. This will enable them to take the limits more positively.

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Arrange outdoor activities

Creating other alternatives to gaming for your children will go a long way in helping mold their views on other activities as well as help them realise that other activities can also be as fun. You can start by getting in touch with local sports clubs and programmes that involve activities such as mountain bike riding, boating and skateboarding, and attending a music classes. While at it, acknowledging the kids’ efforts in the non-gaming activities will help motivate them and limit the time they spend playing video games.

Summing up

Balancing video games and exercise is a must if you want your children to grow up as healthy and productive individuals. While this can be quite a challenge for some, bear in mind that as long as you follow the tips and pointers above, the whole thing can be a walk in the park.

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