7 Tops for Yoga Class

New practitioners of yoga and meditation are often surprised by how much clothing impacts their experience. Yoga-friendly attire should be comfortable, sweat wicking, and lightweight. It’s well worth a trip to the store to find the right outfit before jumping into a yoga class. There are many excellent yoga tops available, but the seven suggested here are some of the very best.

1. No Limits Tank, Lululemon

This free-flowing tank top is loose-fitting and unrestricted, but its best feature is the elastic band at the hips. This band ensures that the tank stays in place even during positions that put the yogi nearly upside down. Lululemon founder Chip Wilson believes that clothes should enhance athletic performance, not hinder it. This shirt allows for exactly that.

2. Graffiti Top, Electric Yoga

This fun and eye-catching tank top displays a design that mimics spray paint graffiti. It’s a bold outfit that more fashion-friendly yoga practitioners will gravitate toward as it allows them to feel comfortable in something a little more stylish.

3. Brasilia Tank, Nux

Nux’s compression garments, such as this attractive tank top, which features moderate compression, are made to contour the wearer’s curves like shapewear does. Their online store even allows the buyer to search items by the amount of compression, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit.

4. Pro Core Fitted Studio Long-Sleeve, Nike

While short sleeves or tank tops are most common in yoga classes, long-sleeved tops are important for anyone who gets cold easily. This warmer top by Nike has raglan sweat-wicking sleeves, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable at all times.

5. Perfect Core Halter, Lucy Activewear

The Perfect Core line is a much-loved option for yoga practitioners everywhere. These shirts were especially designed to help wearers keep their core engaged, and that’s a bonus in any yoga class when the goal is to tighten and tone.

6. Sukha Cardigan, Lolë

This company focuses on using organic or recycled materials to manufacture their products. An eco-friendly cardigan like this one is perfect to wear over a tank top for yoga. It’s even fashionable enough to look good outside of yoga class.

7. Short Sleeve Slub Yoga Tee, C9 by Champion

Target’s signature sportswear brand features some great options including this lightweight T-shirt. The scoop neckline offers increased freedom of motion, while the shirt’s extra length provides adequate coverage in every possible yoga position.

With these tops on hand, those new to yoga can throw themselves into the experience, unencumbered by uncomfortable clothing. Though prices vary significantly, designers like Chip Wilson urge athletes to select attire that optimizes their workout. If you exercise frequently, don’t skimp on spending. The less expensive tops might seem like the better bargain, but you will likely get more wear out of a more durable (and potentially pricier fabric).

With this in mind, check out stores near you or shop online for the perfect yoga top for your next class.  When you look good, you feel good, and there’s nothing stopping you from achieving optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.


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