I Put A Glass In My Keurig

ozeri in keurig

Normally that would be added to the list of “Dumb Things Brooke Does Before Her Coffee’s Done”.  But this time, it was on purpose.  I received a set of hand-blown glass insulated cups from Ozeri.  The best part?  They’re good for hot or cold drinks.  The sides are two walls of glass with a space between.  Freshly brewed coffee in the cup is great.  I told Mr. Determined that it was “deceptively cool” when I take the coffee to my desk in the morning.  The coffee has to be in the cup for a few minutes to even be able to tell that there’s something warm in there.  It never gets to the heat that a coffee cup does.  That means:

  • No weird hand offs while trying to pass a very hot cup with only one handle to another person
  • No heat damage to tables
  • No cups so cold that they’re uncomfortable to hold and socialize

Not to mention that the style of the cups is just classy with a little indentation around the sides and a pointed bottom on the interior wall.  It’s one of those cups you put out while you’re entertaining filled with something fruity.

glass coffee cup

I have loved using these cups for my coffee, but I can be a little more creative and so can you.  These are perfect for displaying a green coffee smoothie or other green breakfast smoothie.  The bottom coming to a rounded point means having a nice little area to put your straw into and get the rest of the smoothie goodness.  We all know that things taste better in fancy cups with a straw.  Add an umbrella or fruit on a little plastic sword for extra points.  I can stick these cups in the microwave, coffee machine, and dishwasher which means they can be a part of my day-to-day life.

Disclaimer: Ozeri was kind enough to provide me with the pan used in this recipe at no cost to me so that I could introduce it to you.


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