Making My Inner Housewife Happy With HoneyBaked

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About a month ago I started watching Mad Men.  I know, I’m behind.  I’ve been catching up with Netflix binges.  There was part of an episode in the first season that stuck with me.  Betty Draper, the iconic housewife, was offered a part time job outside of the home.  While they were discussing her working, her husband was eyeing a ham she had made that was visible through the open refrigerator door.  Her promise to him as he worried away about it was, “Don’t worry.  There will still be ham.”

That was it; one simple promise that seemed insignificant, but it was more than that.  Her promise that his ham dinners will still be waiting was

I will still put you and the children first.

I will be a great wife.

I can put all of this on my shoulders and I will handle it fine.

Those are the kind of things that I have to promise to my own family every day.  When I decided to work from home, I knew I would start juggling life again.  Even though I don’t work outside of the home anymore, I still work in my little home office daily.  Sometimes those days can drag on as long as the days I spent in a cubicle.  So last night i decided there would be ham.

honeybaked ham dinner

I get HoneyBaked ham pretty frequently now that I’m hosting the family’s holidays.  I think having it all come together makes my mother feel a little better about passing the reins to me.  We’ve even started getting some of their catering platters for our other parties too.  However, since it’s in Columbus I normal send in Mr. Determined to pick things up.  Yesterday I wanted to be that do-it-all mom so I packed the kids into the car and we went while he was at work.  We headed into the city to get to the HoneyBaked inside a cute cafe on Sawmill Road.

awesome ladies at honeybaked

Big Bug’s pretty frequently in trouble at school because his mouth never stops moving.  (I have nooo idea where that one comes from guys.  Heehee.)  When we got to HoneyBaked it was the same.  “Hi!  I can count to one hundred by fives, wanna hear it?!  I love ham.  It’s tasty!  We’re having ham for dinner and I’m getting cheesecake!”  Naturally my cheeks started turning red and I resisted the urge to facepalm.  Then one of the ladies behind the counter said, “You can count to one hundred?  Well let’s hear it then!”  Awesome people there.  The day is saved.

Crisis Averted.  Embarrassment Gone.  She GETS it.

HoneyBaked Ham comes already cooked.  We got a small boneless one along with some au gratin potatoes and King’s Hawaiian rolls.  (Anyone keeping track of how many times I talk about King’s Hawaiian on here?)  This is basically a small version of the core of our upcoming Easter dinner.  I think it’s a shame that our family’s only time to have something like this is on holidays.  That’s something I aim to change.  Using HoneyBaked to get there means spending 4 hours playing with the boys and getting my work done rather than worrying over keeping a ham from drying out in the oven.  Plus, let’s not forget that it’s delicious.

how to know if its from honeybaked infographic

The potatoes were nice and easy to make.  They come in an oven-safe tray that you just pop on a baking sheet with a slit in the film on top.  Little Bug won’t eat au gratin potatoes from a box (and I fail at making them homemade) but he really liked these ones topped with a little seasoned salt.  I cut open the King’s Hawaiian rolls and put my whipped butter topping  It’s a super easy one to “whip up”.

Whipped Butter For Your HoneyBaked Dinner


  • 1 stick of unsalted butter
  • 2 Tbsp. brown sugar
  • 1/4 Tsp. cinnamon


Use a hand mixer to blend and fluff the butter in a small dish.  Once the butter is creamy, add in the brown sugar and cinnamon.  Continue to mix until the sugar is well incorporated and the butter is light and airy.  Spread onto your rolls.  Optionally, this can be topped with a small streak of honey as well.

Saving Time & Money For Easter

The total time to prepare all of this was about 45 minutes, and that was just from letting the potatoes cook.  Everything else was already done.  Can you imagine what it would be like to only spend that kind of time for Easter dinner this year?  Give HoneyBaked a shot for your Easter ham this year, then give your family the occasional ham dinner throughout the year to let them know that you want them to have the best all year round.

Here’s my first gift to you for making Easter easier.  Check out this printable coupon page.  (No special coupon printing programs required.)  It’s going to give you:

  • $5 off any size half/whole ham
  • $3 off any size quarter ham
  • $2 off sliced and glazed whole turkey
  • $1 off any two frozen sides
  • $3 off three frozen sides

Win It!

Who wants some help paying for Easter dinner this year?  Along with the coupons, HoneyBaked wants to give 20 READERS a $50 gift card.  Entering is easy.  Just use the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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    This looks incredible! Love ham!! And now I am hungry haha


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