Children’s LeapFrog Books for Sale – $1.67 Each

We started my oldest son off with a tag pen when he was 3 years old.  What started as some fun with flash cards and small books quickly became not only him loving to read, possibly even more so than his momma, but him being able to imagine the dialog and depth of the stories.  A lot of his books that were good for his tag pen, we never used the pen for.  We just read them like normal books, occasionally taking out the pen to do some of the comprehension games built into the pages.

I’m especially sentimental about this part of my son’s life since he’s turning 6 tomorrow.  My baby’s in Kindergarten and a reading machine.

Amazon has a bunch of LeapFrog books on sale right now for 50% off.  Whole sets of books and those flash cards I mentioned are HALF OFF.  Even if you buy them to stash away and bring out during birthdays and holidays, these are a great find to add to your collection.  The packs of 6 come out to about $1.67 per book during the sale.  (P.S.Volume 2 is also on sale, however I don’t have it below since it’s only 23% off instead of 50% like the others.)

leap frog books

LeapFrog book sets for 50% off:

Also on sale, those LeapFrog Interactive Flash Cards that helped my son get started with reading are 29% off.

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