$500 Whole Foods Market Gift Card Giveaway

I’ve been working very hard this year to eat better.  Not some crazy diet or demanding kale in every meal or anything, but just a little cleaner here and a little simpler there.  I’ve learned to make a lot more things myself (hello delicious ravioli!) that were out of reach before.  It’s cheaper to make it yourself a lot of the time, but the grocery bills keep climbing as prices keep increasing.

So who could use some help with that grocery bill?

Whole Foods wants to give someone a $500 gift card to help with groceries.  So what are you waiting for?
Click to Enter it right here.


I'm busy diving into motherhood stilettos-first while earning a modest living from my couch. I have an obsession with baking and a passion for handmade products. Connect with me on Google+.

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