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Does anyone else look down at their fingers and fingernails in horror this time of year?  All year long I’m the queen of lip balm but especially in Winter.  Every bit of me seems to dry up and shrivel.  This goes double for the skin around my nails.  It dries and cracks. . . which leads to me picking at it (bad habit from childhood). . . which leads to more cracking. . . which leads to me having this big mess on my fingers that makes it impossible to show you guys any nail art I do out of embarrassment.

dry fingers

When Premier Dead Sea reached out to see if I wanted to try out one of their GRATiAE Beautifying Nail Kits I figured I had nothing to lose.  I was all out of my beloved cuticle gel and it has been discontinued.  I was down to using a balm from Pure Romance that wasn’t really meant for fingers.  Here’s what came in the box:

GRATiAE nail kit

You have a buffing block (my favorite part of the kit honestly), a nail file, a hand and body cream, and a cuticle oil.

After playing with the buffing block, my nails look like they’ve had clear nail polish put on them because they’re so shiny!  The buffing block is my favorite part of the whole kit.  To buff the surface of your nails, you use the burgundy side first, followed by the gray side.  At this point they’re smooth but not that shiny.  Then you finish them off with the white sides and they become very shiny and polished.  The instructions are actually printed right on the buffing block in case you forget which is fantastic for forgetful women like yours truly.  While the rougher sides should only be done every few weeks, you can use the white silk side more frequently.  There is an included, pretty standard nail file.  I’d suggest using it before you use the buffing block so that you don’t risk harming the finish when you’re touching up the end of your nail.

The cuticle oil was probably my least favorite part of the kit.  While it definitely did what it claimed and softened the cuticles, I didn’t like the consistency.  It comes out of the tube really fast with hardly any pressure at all and unlike cuticle gels or creams, it can really get all over the place if you’re not careful.  It performed great, but it’s just not my preference for a cuticle product.

fingers repaired

The hand cream was great and it smelled great too.  My kit smelled like apple, green tea, and ginger.  That’s a great combination of soothing smells that’s not floral!  Everyone always seems to jump to lavender for soothing, but I’ve gotten a little overwhelmed by it lately.  I’ve been using the hand cream and cuticle oil daily to see if it had any effect on my winter canyons running across my fingers and it made a huge difference.  No more grossness around my nails.  This kit gets a 8/10 for me this year and is definitely a contender for my go-to gift for buying for the fabulous women in my life this year.  I will also most definitely be purchasing another one when I manage to wear this buffing block out.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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