The Other Valentine’s Day Reason

Today I woke up Mr. Determined and the kids with chocolate, big breakfasts, and the promise of a very complicated but delicious dinner.  They know I love them.  The kids gave me handmade gifts and Mr. Determined went all out with chocolates and lots of Gevalia coffee.  I remember my first time reading that there are different kinds of love in this world.  There is love for your significant other, love for your family and children, and love for your friends.

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When I was in high school, the majority of people didn’t talk to me until I hit about my senior year.  I moved schools in 9th grade and didn’t quite “fit” at the new school.  Instead I ended up being picked up and taken in by a bunch of kids in black clothes and chains.  Looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I lived this:

And my friends were the greatest people you’ll ever meet.  When they graduated I found out that our plastics weren’t quite so plastic and ended up hanging out with one of them, listening to Nirvana (who knew?).  I’ve been lucky to keep in touch with them and older-and-still-odd-but-better-at-controlling-it me has made so many wonderful friends since becoming a blogger.  How often can you say you have a group of women that inspire you, hold you up when things are rough, listen to you even when you’re whining, and send you lots of wishes for wine in your future at the end of it all?  I feel very lucky to have connected with the women I have over the years.

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These women can handle anything I throw at them and either comfort me or top me with a story of their own that makes it all feel okay again.  The biggest advice I could ever give to a very young woman who has a husband or kids is to not neglect having friends too.  “I only need my husband” only goes so far.  You need that connection, that friendship with other women, and the older you get the more important it seems to get.  At 18 I barely spoke to any other girls but now I can’t imagine having these women I love like sisters in my life.

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So it’s Valentine’s Day.  And today we’re all going to get together online since we live at opposite corners of the country and talk about what we did/didn’t get today and what we’re doing.  I love you ladies with big sparkly glittery hearts and I look forward to another year of wine, conversation, bacon binges, pushing each other, and loving the hell out of you.

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