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In 2007 I started down a road I didn’t want to be on.  I miscarried a child, had another, married someone I knew I shouldn’t have, gained twice my body weight, went through an eating disorder, and experienced depression that only knowing my children needed me got me through alive.  I don’t think at any point I felt like I loved myself.  Now though, I walk around the house after a good work out telling my fiance “Look at my butt!” because I’m so proud of not only how I look, but who I’ve become.

One of the hardest parts of self-love for me is still the self-care.  When everyone is depending on me (Mr. Determined doesn’t even pick out his own socks for work you guys), it’s difficult to make sure that I’m still taking care of myself.  You know when they’re giving you the safety instructions before a flight?  They tell you to put on your own mask first before anyone else.  It’s because you have to make sure that you’ve taken care of yourself so that you’re able to take care of others.  That can be applied to a lot of parts of life, especially if there’s someone who calls you “Mom”.  If I’m stressed, I can’t handle the noise-machines that are two little boys with patience and gracefulness.  If I’m too tired, I can’t be there for my fiance when he comes home from work.  I have to take care of myself and be good TO ME before I can be great for everyone else.  All of this needs to be done without guilt, because at the end of the day

If Momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

self love

Be More Loved in 2014

Do you over-give, over-do, over-work? Have relationships that aren’t respectful? Settle for less than your heart desires? Criticize, judge or compare yourself? Make choices based on fear, shame, or guilt? These are all signs you need more self-love this year, because these are all actions that are not self-loving.

Self-love is a choice you make, a permission you give yourself, like a best friend would.

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Make 2014 a Year You RECEIVE MORE LOVE for Yourself, Starting with the Love From Yourself

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