Nuby Medical Kit Review

Sometimes the items we need the most are the ones often overlooked on baby registries. Let’s be honest, when we are trolling the aisles at a big box store, we are looking for the cute factor not the snot nose factor. That is why so many people find themselves at 4:00am wishing they had something just like the Nuby Medical Kit.

nuby medical kits

Even though we all wish that our little ones would never get sick, the fact is, that every baby will eventually catch some type of cooties. The Nuby Medical Kit has a variety of tools to help make those sick days a little easier.

The 7 piece kit includes:

  • Sure Dose Medical Dropper and Spoon.
  • Medi Nurser
  • Nasal Aspirator
  • Nail Clippers
  • Digital Thermometer

When little man was about 4 months old, we went through 6 weeks and 3 different antibiotics. It was like torture to get him to take the medications. I really liked using the Sure Dose Medicine dropper but the one complaint I have is that the “markings” on the side of the dropper are very difficult to see but he liked this dropper the most. He would take it and chew on the ends after we finished giving him his medicine. The end is very soft especially compared to the hard plastic syringes they give your free at the pharmacy.

We did try the Medi Nurser by mixing a little water and some liquid fever reducing medicine but he didn’t want anything to do with it. He is fairly stubborn when it comes to his preferred bottles and pacifiers. However, I am sure for many babies, this would be perfect.

cutting ez nails

I have gotten a lot of use out of the baby nail clippers. His baby nails are like little eagle talons. Sometimes I think he is part cat. The tiny clippers make it easy to clip those little nails without worrying about accidentally snipping the skin.

Overall, this is a really great kit at an affordable price ($12.99).  It has all the necessary tools to make getting through the sick days a little bit easier. I would highly recommend it for new Parents-to-Be.

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