The Dress Needs To Be Glamtastic

So this week, something miraculous happened.  Mr. Determined decided to actually give input on our wedding!  Why is that such a shock?  He’s been one of those typical grooms who hears me say “Look at these fantastic desserts on the caterer’s menu!” and hears, “I want you to spend more money.”  We’re keeping it as low-budget as we can get without it being too obviously cheap.

I love the idea of how this would look in an old library.
I love the idea of how this would look in an old library.

I had put into our wedding attire budget sheet printable a cute, ankle length dress just in time for to admit to me that he doesn’t like outdoor weddings.  We were planning something big in either a local shelterhouse or our own beautiful back yard, and he finally told me that it wasn’t what he wanted.

Instead, I am now looking for romantic indoor venues.  There an Inn a few cities over that has a beautiful set of banquet rooms where they hold weddings and receptions, including one that’s a LIBRARY.  How perfect is that for a writer and her book-loving husband?

It’s back to the drawing board for the dress if we do end up married in an 1800s inspired library.  I want to be poofy, and elegant, and as fabulous as my budget will allow.  A dress company recently reached out to me and wondered if I would be able to tell you guys about their dresses, but to be honest I think I would have told you anyway had I seen these on my own.  This morning I’ve been sipping (guzzling) my coffee and browsing JenJenHouse for wedding gowns.

After watching way too much Say Yes To The Dress, I never really thought I’d be able to get the big ball gowns without spending a couple of house payments on it, but these dresses are very pretty and do have the rhinestones and embroidery embellishments on them that I love.

Lace. Oh how I love lace.
“It’s my wedding, I’ll be fab if I want to. Faaaab if I want to. Faaab if I want to. . .”
“You will be too when it happens to you!”

That little song in the captions above was my response to someone asking if I was afraid I’d look like a cupcake topper.  I’m counting on it!  I want to be just like my favorite Disney Princess, Belle, when I walk up that aisle.  Which one above is your favorite?


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