DIY Thank You Cards And Collage

It’s Wednesday morning and while I’m trying to avoid losing power due the storm outside, I’m still comfortable in the basement with my coffee browsing the web for things that other people have written.  I’ve taken a break to check out Fotor’s photo editor.  So far I’m having a lot of fun.  I obviously don’t have wedding pictures of my own yet, so I’m using some of my favorite stock photos that I have for Bow Ties and Tulle and putting them as a stand-in.

fotor collage

I love how many different templates they have for a photo collage and the fact that you can just pick shapes and drag them into place to completely customize your own.  I can use that to print collages of our life before the wedding to have at the dinner afterward as well as maybe a collage of our favorite wedding photos after the big day.  I also messed around with some of their photo effects and their card templates.  These come in lots of different kinds, but I decided to test out the thank you cards.

fotor invitations

You can just pick out a template, change the words to fit your needs (all of the text is editable and you can add more text boxes as needed), add your picture, and you’re done.  Nice and easy.  The somewhat generic card I designed above just to show you guys took all of a minute to put together since all of the controls are intuitive and easy to use, especially if you’ve ever played around with an editor before.  Oh and did I mention it was completely free to make these designs?  All I need to do is take them to be printed for a few cents a piece to have extremely cheap cards and collages.

Saving money for the wedding is awesome!

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