Snails In Bowties Are Extra Cool For Frugal Weddings

Mr. Determined and I are finally getting married this year.  I could push it back farther over and over, but it’s probably best to just do.  The reason for pushing it back is simple, and every bride’s enemy: lack of funding.  Were I an 18 year old girl living in a small apartment without kids it may be a different story, but when I see the $10,000 “small” budgets mentioned on bridal forums, I cringe.  All I can think is how many mortgage payments that is, how many car payments that would cover, how much of the kids’ college that would be. . . it just doesn’t work for our life.

I’m cutting corners and costs wherever I can.  Not only is this going to mean not likely being able to marry in the church (because it costs quite a bit here for them to do it for you), but also cutting back on those typical wedding costs.  The cake is so important, but luckily since I’ve been obsessed with baking and the idea of owning a bakery my whole life, I’ve gotten pretty darn good at making a cake.  Marbled cake, simple.  Add some whipped cream with sliced strawberry as a filling, got it.  Buttercream frosting without seams and lumpy spots. . . working on it.  Top it off with some scrollwork the same color as the frosting and it should come out as a nice pretty 2-tiered cake.

custom snail cake toppers
Quick shot for Instagram of the cake toppers cooling

But the part that really “takes the cake” is the cake topper.  We’re a little unique (understatement) so there’s a lot of ways we could have taken the cake toppers.  I refuse to pay $100 for a big metal one at the bridal shop and I don’t want some $10 cheap one that might break if I leave it on display for the next 50 years.  Here are three ways that this particular set is special to us-

Snails- It has to be snails.  Mr. Determined has always loved them and seeing them in the garden makes him very happy.  I hope seeing them on the mantle will have the same effect.

Calla Lilies- The flowers from the wedding.  I’ve had a bouquet of silk ones on my table for years and they’re my favorite.

Bowtie- Because bowties are cool:

Yes, I’m a whovian and even though he won’t admit it, he is too.

The snails are made to look like they’re made out of marble because of his obsession with ancient Rome.  That’s also the reason for the nice regal purple and white as the wedding colors.  I made these myself using FIMO Classic Clay.  I’ve made plenty of cake toppers for other people as special orders from my Storenvy shop and matching charms to put on their bouquet with ribbon, so that the bride has a special keepsake.

One cost down, plenty to go.
How did you save money on your wedding?


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